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Apr 21, 2019 at 10:57 PM
Apr 9, 2019
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Mar 7, 2001 (Age: 18)
North Carolina, NC


New Member, 18, from North Carolina, NC

ow Apr 10, 2019

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Apr 21, 2019
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    Mar 7, 2001 (Age: 18)
    North Carolina, NC
    Hello! My name is Ragyuo and I make commissions! The programs I use:

    • VRoid (Since Debut)
    • Clip studio paint (Since December 2017)
    • Photoshop (Since 2011)
    • MMD (Since 2015)
    • Roblox Studio (2008-2017)
    • (Currently working on mastering Blender/Maya)

    Added Roblox Studio because I have extensive modeling/building experience on the program despite it not being for actual models but instead of Roblox places. Because I don't have a lot of models I can show you, I wanted to show you how long I've been doing this stuff.

    Yes, I was 7 when I started modeling, Weird I know but I started using the computer when I was 5 with stupid Windows Me and at the time of using Roblox Studio Windows XP was my baby (Still is).

    I am relatively new to making models (Despite me working on this type of stuff since 2012 but on a way different program) but I promise you a very professional avatar.

    I'm a very friendly person! So if you're having troubles please don't hesitate I will work with you in any way!

    I'm also a perfectionist so no matter what you get I make sure it's 100% perfect. Currently, I'm on my last year of school and I am failing my grades due to my medical issues. So currently I won't be able to accept as many commissions since I'm very limited on time. The most I models I can do right now is 20. I won't say 20 commissions because I can do more than 1 character, but depending on the person the limit is 5 characters. If you want prices I will explain it all on my post!

    A little bit about me, I love Anime, Vocaloid, Games, Drawing, Animation, and Cosplaying! I am an aspiring Vocaloid Producer and Web Comic Creator. I love going to conventions and I like traveling! My dream place to live in is Tokyo, Japan and soon I will see if I'm able to make it there.

    My favorite anime as of 4/10/19 is Seven Deadly Sins.

    My favorite Vocaloid Producer is Kikuo

    My favorite game is Overwatch

    My husbando is Osamu Dazai from Bungo Stray Dogs

    My waifu is Ikaros from Heaven's Lost Property

    I have extensive knowledge of Anime so please don't think I like to watch mainstream anime only! I have a few favorite underrated anime you most likely never heard of so if you ever request for any anime character I will try to identify it. Ranging from popular anime like Attack on Titan to Dragon Half. If you don't know what Dragon Half is, all I can say is it's a very old anime with only 2 episodes with an ADDICTING ED. Most likely the best ED ever. You need to watch it it's almost as enjoyable as watching Dragon Ball Z.

    Anything else you want to know please do not hesitate to ask me!

    Thank you so much!!