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VRChat Suggestions

Have a suggestion for VRChat? A bug report? Check out the Canny!

Have a suggestion for a feature in VRChat? You should check out the Canny! You can find it at https://vrchat.canny.io/. You'll need to create an account, or log in with a compatible service in order to post or vote.

Once you've logged in, you can click on the applicable category. If you're reporting a bug, click on Bug Report. If you want to suggest a feature, click on Feature Requests. If you're in the beta, and have a bug report specific to that branch, click on beta_bug_report.

Once you've found the appropriate Canny section, you need to Search to see if someone has already reported/suggested what you're going to post about. Click on the magnifying glass on the top right, here:

If you find a suggestion/report similar to yours, you can upvote it! Click the little arrow on the left of the post. Clicking this arrow pushes it up in rank, and enough votes will get more attention.

If the suggestion or report needs some clarification, or you'd like to chime in, you can comment underneath the main thread:

If you can't find any suggestions or reports similar to yours, feel free to post a new entry with the form on the left side:

The top field is for the title, and should sum up your suggestion/report, and the bottom field is for a more wordy description. Try to be as detailed as possible, especially with bug reports. If possible, include screenshots of issues, or mock-ups of features. Any additional information is helpful!

Once your issue is posted, you can edit it, delete it, or comment on it, just like any other post.