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Full Body Accuracy While Leaning Back

Discussion in 'Avatars' started by goblox, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. goblox

    goblox Member

    Jan 5, 2018
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    Hey guys,

    A problem I've had with full body tracking for quite a while is that when I sit on my couch, and lean back, I start to see my own body in front of me. I did some testing and I believe it has something to do with the hand position, because if I sit on the floor, while leaning back, I see the same thing happen until I move my hands further behind me. The further back I slide my hands, the more my body leans back, in VR. This all happens only up to a certain point where it seems my model refuses to lean back any further, so when laying down there seems to be no hope whatsoever, except when laying on my side.

    I'm wondering what kinds of tricks you guys have come up with to deal with this. Perhaps an avatar just for lying down with the perspective set more in front? perhaps some kind of clever bone placement trickery? perhaps a version of the model with the root adjusted? curious to hear your guys' ideas and solutions, and if this isn't just a problem with how I'm doing it, I think it would be good to start a discussion on this, as I couldn't find anything when searching.


  2. Cascadian

    Cascadian New Member

    Sep 20, 2018
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    Hey Goblox,

    I remember someone saying to my in a random convo a month or so back that you may be able to fix this by simply removing the weight paints on your neck and extending the head bone down to the beginning of your neck. I have yet to try this, but I may actually do it here soon to see if it really does fix it or at least makes it better. I'll let you know when I do so, feel free to try as well of course. This would be a great issue to find a fix for.

    Good luck!
    - Cascadian