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Offering High Quality Avatar Merging Commission

Discussion in 'Commissions' started by H-O, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. H-O

    H-O New Member

    Jul 27, 2020
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    This thread is for avatar merging commission only. Please DM me if you have other request.

    Discord: H-O#8319

    Basic(Recommended for things that already looks good when merged together OR you do not care how the product looks like):
    50 USD Basic merging without any modification

    Extra(Recommended for things that originally do not fit together AND you want the product looks good):
    +20 USD Adjustment to mesh
    +10 USD Adjustment to bone
    +20 USD Adjustment to weight
    +10 USD Adjustment to texture

    +10 USD Over 10 objects required to be merged
    +5 USD Per other specific requirement
    Read before commissioning me:
    • No NSFW
    • Client is responsible to prepare the assets which are required to be merged together
    • This is not a Unity commission, the product only includes a finished .fbx file(.blend file if requested)
    • 20% of the commission cost will be charged in advance as down payment
    • Down payment will be FULLY returned if the commission is considered not doable at any point of time
    • Down payment will NOT be returned if the commission is cancelled by client OR the commission products is rejected by client
    • The commission only begins AFTER down payment has been received
    • Finished product is sent AFTER FULL payment is confirmed
    One of my past works:
    upload_2020-7-27_18-47-13.png upload_2020-7-27_18-47-48.png