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Seeking "Looking for a custom FBT Commission avatar." (Price range $80-$100)

Discussion in 'Commissions' started by PassionBunny, Mar 5, 2021.

  1. PassionBunny

    PassionBunny New Member

    Mar 5, 2021
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    3.0 Avatar Commission (FBT)
    Body type: Slim/Curvy, Thicc, (Very detail)
    Including "NSFW" Toggle off and on for each piece of clothing
    Skin tone: Tan
    Hair type: Long dark brown hair with curls at the end of the hair.
    Hoop Rings: Exactly like photo big white and when character moves it moves with the character also.
    Crop top: same as photo shown/ color: White.
    crop top.PNG
    Shoes: color would be white and black and design same as photo.
    61knddhtIrL._AC_UY500_.jpg 61+CBPhGWTL._AC_UX625_.jpg 61N2ESquPcL._AC_UY625_.jpg
    Nails: louis Vuitton nails color is white but long and pointy
    necklace: Choker on the photo.
    Chest and butt size: Big (Very Detail) Must jiggle while I dance.
    Clothes: Bottom leather cowgirl pants and white with pockets. The pantie's are leather and white. The strips on her outfit need to move while I move. (Leather Too)
    blue-j-doja-turnaround.jpg blue-j-doja-3-noise.jpg doja_cat___like_that_by_cherubgem_de05nnf-fullview.jpg
    Hat: White durag (Toggle off and on)
    Makeup: In the photo
  2. Strawbee

    Strawbee New Member

    Mar 21, 2021
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    Hey there! I can help you out. My discord is strawbee#0001 we can DM via there! I have a bunch of examples I can show. They all include dynamic bones, custom animations and commercial use! So if you wanted you can use them for VTubing.