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Offering (OPEN) Custom avatars, fast & cheap

Discussion in 'Commissions' started by SokiModels, May 17, 2020.

  1. SokiModels

    SokiModels New Member

    May 17, 2020
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    Hi! I'm a VRChat avatars modeler and I can create an avatar to your taste.

    Are you interested in a commission? Contact with me on Sokimodels#0970

    What I can do:
    • Custom avatars with existing parts (Starting at 20$):
    You can send me the files you want or what you want add like a tail, clothes...

    • Create you own avatar from scratch (The price depends on the complexity of the avatar):

    Your own avatar, you just have to tell me what do you want, if it's possible, a reference image of what you want to make the avatar as similar as possible.
    • Custom and add Textures / Clothes / Accessories (Starting at 8$) :
    I can do other things like:
    - Custom your avatar's texture (6-20$)
    - Add clothes or accessories (6$/Unit)
    - Change your avatar's parts (hair, face...) (6$/Unit)
    - Add gestures (5$/Unit)
    - Visemes / Eye tracking (7$)
    - Add sound (6$/Audio)

    Terms and information:
    - The payments are done with PayPal
    - The payments are done before I start with the avatar
    - If the avatar doesn't work correctly, I will fix it without any additional cost
    - If you need the files, I will deliver it you
  2. Masashi

    Masashi Member

    Mar 19, 2020
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    You have copied all my post without my consent, please create your own post.