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Discussion in 'Commissions' started by Devi, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. Devi

    Devi New Member

    Oct 28, 2019
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    Hey there! I've been making avatars for about 5 months now for not overpriced and reasonable prices. I can make you anything you would like, just ask!

    - Lip-Sync / Visemes

    - Eye-Tracking
    - Modeling / Sculpting
    - Prop Modeling
    - Rigging / Add Bones
    - Frankenstein (Avatar builded from different parts)
    - Ripping parts from other model
    - Shader / Material setup
    - Photoshop stuff (Recolor, Texturing, etc)
    - Substance Painter Texturing
    - Gestures / Animations / Emotions
    - NSFW
    - Muscle Animations
    - Fixes / Weight paint
    - Pen tool
    - Particles
    - Toggle animations
    - Decimation
    - Optimization
    - Oculus Quest Avatar Optimization (5k Polygons, 1 Material)

    You can ask for more staff that not listed here.
    Price depends on the difficulty of the avatar.

    Some rules:
    - Accepting only paypal
    - You must tell us all what you want, before we start
    - No refund
    - No Furry

    DM me on discord for any question or order.
    Discord: Eldevi#5177

    Commissions done over 60+
    unknown (1).png unknown (2).png unknown (3).png unknown (4).png unknown (5).png unknown (6).png unknown (7).png unknown.png