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READY PLAYER ONE - Copper Key Race in VRChat - NOW PUBLIC!

Discussion in 'Videos' started by KingCeryn, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. KingCeryn

    KingCeryn New Member

    Mar 11, 2018
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    Hey all! Our READY PLAYER ONE - Copper Key Race world is NOW PUBLIC!
    12 Working Vehicles, 3 T-rexes, 1 King Kong, 1 Copper Key, 1 Secret Riddle, and 1 Jade Gate!

    So far we have ONE PERSON who's gotten the Copper Key, solved the Jade Riddle, and unlocked the Jade Gate!
    Tonight I'll be streaming a race, but the world is already Public, so feel free to go practice!

    You can participate, or watch @ Twitch.tv/KingCeryn

    This challenge IS a full 3-Key-Contest, and unlocking the Crystal Key WILL take some time (as will completing the Jade World challenge), so it's not too late to catch up and get your name on the Scoreboard!

    Add me ingame for an invite, Username: Ceryn
    Here's a full trailer showcasing the map!