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Seeking seeking Creators for Special Project Part 2

Discussion in 'Commissions' started by mybirthday, Jan 23, 2021.

  1. mybirthday

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    May 24, 2020
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    Im looking for Creators who can create custom Worlds and custom Avatars Avatars 2.0 and Avatars 3.0 for VRchat , full body compatiable and fully rigged.

    Part 1 Male Avatar : https://vrcat.club/threads/seeking-creators-for-special-project-part-1.3710/

    This is Part 2 the Female Avatar
    , Part 3 will be a Custom Vrchat world

    Details FEMALE AVATAR ( see reference pictures ) :

    Wedding Ring.png female.jpg female1.jpg female3.jpg female4.jpg female6.jpg female7.jpg female8.jpg hight difference.png pose.jpg
    - tiny heart tattoo on the left side ( see reference pictures )
    - white dress with silver gems
    - earrings ( see reference pictures )
    - pale Skintone
    - Blue green Eyes ( see reference pictures )
    - side hairstyle goldcooper color ( color just like in the pictures )
    - Toggle on and off falling rose pedals trail when walking in light pink color
    - Toggle on and off Wedding ring ( see wedding ring pictures )
    - silver Wedding ring with 3 gems ( see wedding ring pictures )
    - shiny lips
    - male avatar should be a bit taller than the female avatar (see hight difference picture)
    - dynamic bones , hair colliders , hand colliders, lipsync , eyetracking , full body compatiable,
    - hand gestures : fingerpoint , victory , openhand ,
    - toggle on and off drawing pen rainbow color for drawing in VRchat
    - face expressions : wink , cute blush , normal , in love heart eyes , sweet smile
    - flower crown
    - toggle on and off bridal veil
    - female should fit in the seat pose from male avatar ( see link Part 1 Male Avatar pickup bridal style )
    - toggle on and off wedding flowers blue color in hand
    - add a seat ( see Pose picture ) male and female should fit perfect in this pose
    - royal necklace ( see reference pictures )
    - cute barefeet


    thanks in advance
    if you are intressted give me a text on discord Contact : xIMYBIRTHDAYIx#0695
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