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Offering Seyak Commissions [OPEN]

Discussion in 'Commissions' started by Seyak, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Seyak

    Seyak Member

    Jul 30, 2018
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    Hey! I'm Seyak/Jolene and I'm open for custom avatar commissions!
    Programs I use... PMX Editor, Blender, Unity, Meta4
    Please understand I don't make full avatars by scratch, but I can make BASIC clothing and accessories.
    I have 200+ hours on Blender, made around 40+ avatars.​
    ♡ avatars ♡
    I make Frankensteins!

    ♡ all avatars start at 20$
    -this will include ♡ visemes ♡ eyetracking ♡ base model ♡ shaders
    -clothing is included unless i created it

    ♡ +2$ per retexture
    ♡ physics
    ♡ +2$ per cloth physics
    ♡ +3$ per body physics
    ♡ +1$ per dynamic bones
    ♡ +2$ per audio
    ♡ +3$ per accessories
    ♡ +4$ hand gestures, facial + accessories
    ♡ +4$ particles
    ♡ 30$ model sizing
    ♡ 10$ armband watermark
    ♡ 20$ saved files

    ♡ any fixes models ♡
    ♡ +2$ per retextures
    ♡ +20$ weightpainting
    ♡ +10$ bones
    ♡ notes ♡
    ♡ body physics is any jiggle physics on the body that i have to add in a bone
    ♡ dynamic bones are any hair physic
    ♡ frankenstein is taking parts and putting them together
    ♡ model sizing to your body if you're a full body player

    ♡ if you have any questions not included in this post, asking won't hurt!
    ♡ i mainly make female avatars, but i try my best with males also!

    ♡ what i please ask for full credit for me and the creators that
    are included in the model to make this happen!

    ♡ please have an IDEA on what you want, i cannot make an exact avatar you want unless
    it is already made, or unless I'm lucky enough to find similar parts.

    ♡ i will have my own watermark on it if i put it together if you want your name it will cost.

    ♡ important ♡

    ♡ you will have to pay first before I start.
    ♡ payments are through... PayPal

    ♡ must have a vrc account
    ♡ able to also upload (you should've gotten an email)

    ♡ i do remove my files daily to save space and organize if you
    want me to save you an avatar if any unity/vrchat update i will for a price.

    ♡ contact me ♡
    ♡ server ♡ https://discord.gg/sKkdWY5
    (please join the server and take my commission form first!!!) 5c55b9a1760b2915554541.gif
    ♡ discord ♡ seyak#7717
    ♡ email ♡ seyakks@gmail.com

    ♡ my works ♡
    ♡ DA ♡ https://www.deviantart.com/seyakk
    ♡ portfoilo ♡ https://seyak.pb.online/
    ♡ tumblr ♡ https://seyakks.tumblr.com/