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Viseme doesn't work for cats blender plugin

Discussion in 'Avatars' started by PADOORU, Oct 29, 2018.


    PADOORU New Member

    Sep 11, 2018
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    Okay, so here's what I've done. First, I imported a MMD model, which I wanted to change it's head, so I deleted the entire "Head", along with the bone of it, appended the head of another MMD model to it, parented the bones together and binded the textures to "Amature" on Modifiers. After finishing merging bones, decimating and eyes tracking, I put the visemes to the model and exported it as .fbx file. But after I imported my MMD model in Unity and added "Avatar Descriptor" to it, the viseme doesn't seem detect any visemes of my model at all. Can it be fixed? Or did I did something wrong when I appended the "Head?